The team behind super8 weddings

A French native based in Dublin then Galway, Ireland since 2001, Julien Dorgere is Ireland's leading 8mm film specialist and has devoted his career to super8 filming & digitizing, working with the likes of RTE, IMMA, the Galway Film Fleadh, Donal Dineen, Galway Arts Festival & the Irish Film Institute. He also founded the Super8 Shots Film Festival, for which you can see the RTE Nationwide program here.

He truly loves what he does and it shows in his work. With over 20 years experience in shooting cine film and 10 years shooting weddings on Super8, Julien has travelled extensively over Ireland and as far as Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Croatia and Portugal as a commissioned 8mm filmmaker. Originally a conference interpreter and EU translator, he had discovered his love for film while studying abroad in Germany and browsing on flea markets talking to older passionate film makers. After turning a passion into a business ( was founded in 2001), Julien has now worked Full time with Super8 Films and media production for over 10 years.

Whether he converts old family reels to HD & DVD, organizes free 8mm film workshops for children as part of Super8 Shots festival or shoots a wedding on Super8 for lovebirds, the one common denominator is the happiness it creates.
Our hearts beat at 18 frames per second and we hope that yours do too!