All our films are shot on actual Super8 Cine Film

With over 20 years experience shooting 8mm cine film,
we love making movies and love to make people happy. Therefore, Super8 film and weddings go hand in hand :)

Why SUPER8 film? Simply because we care.

Super8 relies on the cinematographer's eye in as much as their ability to shoot to edit, by carefully composing scenes & recording timeless moments on a timeless format. The 50 foot film cartridges we put in the camera are only 3.5 minutes long, so one is literally forced to make the most of the film. This is how we get such stunning images, because content matters to us.
Although we do share the final product with you in digital form, we love film because it is intimate and captures emotions far better than a DSLR or a camcorder.
Why you ask? Firstly because a cine camera is not as intrusive as a digital camera rig would be. We love how discreet our cameras are, our customers do too. The more relaxed you are, the happier you will look (and be) on film. The fact that Super8 is silent also does help the camera shy, feel more at ease in front of the lens.

Secondly, the rich textures and grain of the many Kodak filmstocks allows us to shape the look of your film, to literally sculpt the image by adding scratches and dust, or to achieve a clean look, depending on what rocks your boat. Our lab and digital studio is one of the most advanced in Europe (we can scan in 4K), so digital definitely has a role to play in our creative process, but the fact that the material is originally analogue allows us to take advantage of the best of both worlds.
As a matter of fact, most film footage would look quite dull if it wasn't for the fantastic restoration and colour grading tool at our disposal. 
So we certainly do embrace the digital culture, but love to add a bit of warmth and character to it. Film does make us feel alive. Film is also what will make your wedding day all the more timeless, when you remember how special that day was.

This is pure magic
— Chris & Jackie, Galway 2013

Why super8 is so unique + fun facts

  • True cine film with a timeless feel

  • Many film types available (colour, b&w...)

  • Easy to shoot + mobile & discreet

  • Each reel contains 50ft of film

  • At 18 frames per second, that is 3.5min

  • That is also 3500 frames!

  • Some of the cameras we use would have
    been worth nearly as much as a car back in the 1970s!

  • Super8 film used to be only viewable by
    projecting it. Now it can also be scanned
    frame by frame in 4K