You will find below a few examples of weddings shot on Super8 film. As you will see, the look can vary depending on the type of film used, as well as the subsequent digital process. It is worth noting that our new state of the art 4K scanner and post production suite allows us to achieve even more stunning results. We will be posting more videos soon, so keep on checking this page.

This showreel will give you an idea of the various looks we can achieve from super8 film. Dust & Scratches can be added or removed.
This is the real deal, so the scratches aren't a gimmicky effect from an app. Only film looks like film.
In the same way, you may prefer desaturated or popping colours, black and white sections, a soft grainy image or a degrained and sharpened look. Our 4K scanner is the best film digitizing facility in Ireland and allows us to make the most out of your films, in a way that would not have been possible a few years ago.


This gorgeous wedding day was shot in Adare Manor in the West of Ireland. 

A beautiful day for a beautiful bride and her lucky groom.

The first half of the film was shot in B&W and the second half in colour.

Entirely shot on Super8 Film from the low key civil ceremony in Brigit's Garden in Oughterard, Galway, to the stylish first tango in Rosleague manor in Connemara (the last one will be in Paris..), this movie is a tale of two lovebirds and their quirky family & friends. Aoife and Simon had the time of their life and so did their guests, as can attest this teaser film.